At only 14-years-old he already stands at a whopping 6ft 7ins tall and India’s tallest teenager can’t wait to grow even taller but he’s worried he’ll struggle to find a wife tall enough.

Yashwant Raut, 14, from Solapur, in Maharashtra, western India, has been awarded the title by Book of Records and Wonder Book of Records in India and is the only person in his family with an extraordinary height but it doesn’t stop there. Doctors predict he will reach a possible 8ft by the time he stops growing.

‘I feel my height is a huge strength in my life,’ he said. ‘There have been times when I feel really special, like a celebrity, when people stop me to click pictures and ask for my autograph. I always wanted to be tall but I never imagined I would grow this tall.’

But Yashwant, who is still at school and dreams of becoming a basketball player, admits his height is already causing him difficulties.

He said: ‘I don’t fit on my bed so I can’t sleep properly at night. We need a customized bed but we haven’t got round to it yet. I always hit my head when I’m walking around the house and in school, and I can’t fit in our car or sit properly at my school desk. Everything is a problem for me.’

But the biggest problem facing Yashwant is whether he’ll find a wife who will match his height in years to come.

Yashwant Raut, 14, whose height is 6ft 7in, poses for a picture on motorcycle at his residence in Maharashtra, India.          © Cover Asia Press / Vipul Bankatur

‘I want a girl who will be tall enough. She has to suit my height. If I don’t find a girl who can match my height or get close even, I probably will not marry at all.’

Yashwant’s father, Brahmadev Raut, 40, feels proud as a parent that his son stands out in the crowd.

The normal 5ft 5ins teacher said: ‘People stop and look as he steps out of our home, sometimes they say good comments and sometimes bad. But we teach him to take every word as inspiration and motivation and just move on with his life.’

Sister Triveni, 18, stands at just 5ft tall and only comes to her little brother’s waist.

I feel my height is a huge strength in my life

Mother Suman Raut, 36, also a teacher only stands at 4ft 5ins and wants her son to be recognized across the globe for his height.

‘He is blessed with this remarkable height and I am hopeful he’ll be able to do something fruitful with this blessing,’ she said. ‘People ask me what I did during my pregnancy but I can’t answer them, I have no idea. He was like any other baby but just a bit bigger. His hands and legs used to always stick out of the cot or pram, always too big to fit into anything.’

People still tease Yashwant, who wears a size 15 shoe, but he doesn’t let them get him down.

Yashwant Raut, 14, whose height is 6ft 7in poses for a picture with his classmates at his School in Maharashtra, India.          © Cover Asia Press / Vipul Bankatur

Suman added: ‘Some people call him ‘lambu’ (tall man) and others tag him Amitabh Bachchan (a tall Bollywood actor). Some even accuse him of being abnormal and I obviously feel bad for him. However, I choose to ignore them and tell my son to ignore them. Most people are kind so we just remember the kind people.’

Yashwant now aims to become a world famous basketball player. ‘My height will make me a great basketball player. I want to play for my country one day.’

Yashwant Raut, 14, whose height is 6ft 7in, playing basket ball with his friends outside his residence in Maharashtra, India  © Cover Asia Press / Vipul Bankatur

He’s applied to Guinness World Records but they have told him he has to wait until he’s 18 to be considered for one of their records.

‘I can only hope I keep growing. I’d love to be in the book of Guinness World Records,’ he added.