A father in India claims he’s the ‘Human Light Bulb’ with his ability to plug himself into the mains and feed on electricity.

Naresh Kumar, 42, from Muzzafarnagar, in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, claims his body is naturally insulated against high voltage and can touch naked wires with his bare hands whenever he feels hungry.

He said: ‘Whenever I feel hungry and there’s no food in the house I hold naked wires and within half an hour I’m satisfied.’

‘I eat electricity like it’s food.’

Kumar claims he can withstand a current of 1,100 volts passing through his body, which is fatal for any human being.

Kumar, who works in a government hospital and assists doctors in conducting post-mortems, discovered his talent six years ago when he accidentally touched a live wire at his workplace and was left unharmed.

Naresh Kumar biting a naked electric wire to illuminate a bulb at his residence. © Cover Asia Press / Faisal Magray

It came as a surprise to me,’ said the father of five. ‘I was never aware of my capability until then.’

‘It’s a gift from God and I’m happy that he has blessed me with this talent.’

Soon Kumar started experimenting with his abilities and playing with different electrical appliances like a heater coil and light bulbs still live with a high current.

Naresh Kumar demonstrating his unique talent at his residence. © Cover Asia Press / Faisal Magray

Kumar has even been filmed holding a live wire in his mouth without getting a single shock. An illuminated light indicator on a tester confirmed he was electrically charged.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t feel it.

Sonu Kumar, 11, touching his father Naresh Kumar with an electrical current tester. © Cover Asia Press / Faisal Magray

His wife Sharmistha, 40, is less than impressed by his abilities and hates that her house has no simple switch.

‘I can touch any electrical appliance like a television, washing machine, fridge, and an inverter with my bare hands and it doesn’t affect me,’ he added. ‘In fact it helps my energy levels.’

‘I think about 80 per cent of my body is composed of electricity now.’

Housewife Sharmistha is continually shocked by her husband’s unique talents.

She said: ‘I’m still surprised to see that no current harms him. I leave him repair every possible electric appliance in our house. There are no switches, and sometimes my children and I fear we’ll get an electric shock. But because he’s obsessed with touching naked wires they are left like this. He even uses his bare hands to switch different appliances on and off.

Naresh Kumar, 42, (left) with his wife Sharmistha, 40, (right) at their residence. © Cover Asia Press / Faisal Magray

‘He used to have ten to 12 chapattis every meal time but now his diet has reduced. He’s convinced the electricity is all the food he needs. He plays with electricity morning and night.’

Sharmistha, 40, wife of Naresh Kumar, 42, pictured cooking food at their residence. © Cover Asia Press / Faisal Magray

Kumar hopes to become globally famous one day and represent his country with his unique talent. ‘I know I’m unique,’ he added. ‘Not everyone can do this. My wife is not impressed but surely people will be impressed by this.’